E-mail: yushuaili@ieee.org

SPOCEI: Smart Planning, Operation and Control for Energy Internet

The EU MSCA Individual Fellowship


The planning, operation and control is of importance to the Energy Internet (EI). With large numbers of energy routers (ERs) integrated into EI, the EI system becomes more complex and variable. This state of affairs renders it is necessary to develop new architecture, modelling, optimization and control methods, in order to achieve intelligent, distributed, reliable, flexible and cooperative system operation for EI. To this end, the researcher proposes the following three unique researcher actions in this project, including: 1) controllable structure planning for multi-ER-based EI under different environments (before and after fault) from the concept of controllability view; 2) distributed and adaptive cooperated control strategies based on deep policy gradient algorithm to enable each microgrid adaptively to respond to the system model switching without the need of exact system dynamics; 3) multiple timescale power trading model and distributed optimization algorithm to achieve both optimal energy generation/consumption and optimal energy flow allocation among ER with faster convergence rate in different timescales. Our project has the potential to produce new technological transformations and overcome multiple critical bottlenecks in the development of the current power grid from “smart grid” to “EI”. Through many inter-sectoral training, project management and communication activities, the research will gain comprehensive experience and skillsets, which is conducive to his future career prospects. This project effectively combines the researcher’s expertise in distributed control as well as optimization theories and the participating organizations’ expertise in energy informatics and energy management, planning of power grid and artificial intelligence, resulting in ensured two-way knowledge transfer. Moreover, our project fits well with the EU energy development strategy, which will contribute to European energy innovation and applications.


Principal Investigator: Yushuai Li

Project Supervisor: Prof. Yan Zhang

Host: University of Oslo

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (Grant No. 101023244).